November 11 - December 13, 2018. "DANCE MANIA". Exhibition in the St. Petersburg State Theater Library

Санкт-Петербургская государственная Театральная библиотека представляет выставку «Танцемания», посвященную 200-летию со дня рождения балетмейстера Мариуса Ивановича Петипа.

The St. Petersburg State Theater Library presents an exhibition "Dance mania" devoted to 200th anniversary since the birth of ballet-master Marius Ivanovitch Petipa.

The kernel of the exposition are puppets created after costumes sketches for two Petipa’s ballets: "Pharaoh’s daughter" and "Sleeping beauty". Puppets are made by students of the Russian institute of stage arts (faculty of scenography and stage design headed by T. V. Slezina). Sketches are kept in the collection of Saint-Petersburg State Theater library.

The memoirs of Marius Petipa with his autograph, sketches of ballet costumes and sceneries, books on Petipa’s creative work, archive stuff are also represented at the exhibition.